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Organization and participation of prof. Havlík and prof. Parilák on the conference International Symposium on Sustainable Materials Recycling Processes & Products within the Shechtman International Symposium dedicated to Nobep Prize winner prof. Daniel Shechtman in Cancune, Mexico


Interview with prof. Ing. Tomas Havlik, DrSc. concerning Golden Ant 2014 award for LSPO

Interview available HERE (only in Slovak language)

Price TOP 2014

LSPO - 2nd place in the category Environmental technology diplom_LSPO_ZM2014        ocenenie_LSPO_ZM2014

Interview with prof. Ing. Ľudovít Parilák, CSc: An unique project has been awarded

Full interview published in Podbrezovan (only in Slovak language).

Golden Ant 2013

The Department of Non-ferrous Metals and Waste Treatment, Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University in Kosice and ŽP Research and Development Centre was awarded by a national price of waste management “Golden Ant 2013” for establishing the Laboratory of Processing Industrial Wastes in the category Inovative solution.

Diplom_ZM_2013                         Cena_ZM_2013 More information and photogallery from the ceremony you can find HERE. Signing of a contract about establishing Laboratory of Processing Industrial Wastes

Laboratory of Processing Industrial Waste (LSPO) was established by signing the contract between Department of Non-ferrous Metals and Waste Treatment (KNKaSO HF TUKE) and Research and Development center of Železiarne Podbrezová, s.r.o. signed on the 5th international scientific conference Waste – Secondary Raw Materials 5, held on 4. – 7. 6. 2013 in Liptovsky Jan.



Rozhovor s prof. Ing. Tomášom Havlíkom, DrSc. na tému: Zlatý mravec za LSPO - Prepojenie univerzitného prostredia a silného partnera z praxe

Celý rozhovor si môžete prečítať po kliknutí na nasledujúci link: http://web.tuke.sk/hf-knkaso/content/katedra/aktuality/21_storocie_LSPO.pdf